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Now your clients and prospects will have tax planning information at their fingertips. Tax Guide Online has creative tips and resources for Investors, Individuals, and Business Owners.

Your clients and referral sources will appreciate the 24/7 availability of tax information. You will appreciate the ease of maintaining your personalized web site.

MHM will create a personalized "splash" page with your firm logo, and our expert tax CPAs will keep the Web site's information up to date for you! You don't have to bother with a Web master, programmers, or graphic designers.

Take a look at the great features of MHM's Tax Guide Online:

  • Personalized "splash" page with your firm name and logo. Choose from 10 splash page design options, or call us todat at 800-433-2292 ext. 135 about a custom-designed "splash" page design.
  • Your own Web address.
  • Link to or from your firm's Web site.
  • 24/7 availability of important tax information.
  • "Contact Us" button links to a contact person at your firm.
  • FREE "What's New" e-mail service.

Plus, you can e-mail market this program to your prospects and clients every 6 weeks.

We gather all the content and post it on your site. All you do is e-mail the Web link to your clients and prospects and tell them to click on "What's New".

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Your site will be live on the Web within 2 business days after we receive your order.

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