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Doctors Help Online

Now, you can take advantage of Doctors Help Online (DHO) to reach your clients
with Practice Building "Hot Topics" 24-7.

What better way to keep your physician clients and prospects up to date on practice profitability, physician affiliations, managed care, regulatory issues, and tax news.

Visitors to your "private-label" Doctors Help Online site will appreciate the 24-7 availability of Medical Practice Building information. You'll appreciate the ease of maintaining your personalized Web site.

Take a look at the great features of Doctors Help Online:

  • Personalized "splash" page with your firm name and logo.
  • Option to customize the splash page to blend
    with your firm branding and identity.
  • Your own Web address.
  • Link to or from your firm's home Web site.
  • 24/7 availability of important Medical Practice Building information.
  • "Contact Us" button links to a contact person at your firm.

Plus, you can e-mail market this program to your prospects and clients every 6 weeks.

We gather all the content and post it on your site. All you do is e-mail the web link to
your clients and prospects and tell them to click on "Hot Topics".

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