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CPA Resource 24 - Volume 3

Volume 3 contains 24 Articles covering the following items:

  • Tax Savings Strategies
  • Financial Planning
  • Real Estate Investing
  • Employee Benefit Planning

Volume 3 Articles:

  1. Strategies for Making Divorce Less "Taxing"
  2. An Employee Benefits Overview
  3. Sharing Ownership with Employees
  4. Providing Incentives with Stock Options
  5. Boost Retirement Savings with Roth 401(k)s
  6. Time for Small Businesses To Rethink Defined Benefit Plans?
  7. SIMPLE Route to Retirement Planning
  8. Simplified Employee Pensions for the Self-Employed
  9. Charitable Giving: Donor Advised Funds vs. Private Donations
  10. Charitable Gifts - A Few Considerations
  11. Interest Rates, the Fed, and You
  12. Applying for College Financial Aid - Do Your Homework
  13. Minimize Estate Taxes with Gifting Programs
  14. Achieving Your Financial Goals with Trusts
  15. Retirement Strategies for 401(k) Investors
  16. Life Cycle Investing Strategies
  17. Mortgage Refinancing: Know Your Options
  18. Time to Refinance Your Mortgage?
  19. Tax Considerations for Real Estate Investors
  20. Take a "Break" with Your Vacation Home
  21. Choosing a Retirement Destination? Consider the Tax Issues
  22. Guidelines for Deducting Mortgage Points
  23. Donating Your Car to Charity
  24. Making the Most of Annual Tax Savings

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