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CPA Resource 24 - Volume 2

Volume 2 contains 24 Articles covering the following items:

  • Estate Planning
  • Smart Business Ideas
  • Business Succession Planning

Volume 2 Articles:

  1. Hire Your Children and Help Them Save
  2. Attract and Retain Key Employees with Executive Bonus Plans
  3. Estate Planning: What's Your Strategy?
  4. Raising Business Capital: Debt vs. Equity Financing
  5. The Business Plan: A Blueprint for Success
  6. An Action Plan for Proactive Cost Management
  7. Pricing Strategies for Business Success
  8. From Stat-Up to Success: The Business Life Cycle
  9. Choosing the Right Structure for Your Business
  10. The Duties of an Estate Executor
  11. Your Estate, Your Domicile, and Taxes
  12. Business Succession Planning: Prepare for Continued Success
  13. Buy-Sell Agreements: Planning Tools for Succession
  14. Business Continuation Strategies for Retiring Owners
  15. Business Succession Planning for Sole Proprietors
  16. Planning for Continuity: Your Business Estate
  17. How To Avoid Ten Estate Planning Pitfalls
  18. Protect Your Estate with an ILIT
  19. Asset Preservation with A/B Trusts
  20. GRATs: An Estate Planning Tool for Business Owners
  21. Baby Boomers: Planning for Long-Term Care
  22. Asset Protection with FLPs
  23. Health Savings Accounts: An Alternative to Managed Care Plans
  24. Leaving a Legacy: Creating a Sound Estate Plan

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