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CPA Small Business Booklet Series

Along with our brochure series aimed at providing our clients with the necessary information to keep their own clients informed, MHM Publications also offers a series of booklets covering such topics as how successful businesses cut costs and increase profits and how necessary a business plan is to ensuring a business succeeds. The booklets, which range in size depending on the topic, cover each issue more thoroughly than that as provided in the brochure series.

Along with ensuring your business succeeds, our booklets also cover topics such as managing your cash flow, how to finance your business goals, business insurance, succession planning, a guide for entrepreneurs, hiring and retaining the best personnel and how to best market your business.

The fact is business and personal tax and financial matters can be complex. Your clients will come to you for necessary guidance. Keeping a supply of these booklets on-hand might allow your clients the chance to become better able to navigate the financial unknown.

In addition to being first-rate educational tools, MHM booklets can be used to promote and market your firm’s abilities and services. Each booklet can be personalized with your firm’s specific information, logo, and/or marketing message.

Another sterling benefit is how cost-effective the booklets are. Mix and match the titles if you’d like and take advantage of a quantity discount. For larger print volumes, we can even create exclusive cover designs. We would be happy to discuss this option with you as well.

Personalize the back panel of any booklet! Simply provide us with the following:

  • Your firm's photo and or logo
  • Name, address, phone, fax, e-mail and website information.